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For the past 10 years Artificial Intelligence has become a mainstay of our professional and personal lives. Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, chatbots or virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri, it’s clear that AI’s influence is getting bigger by the day. So, with 2023 coming closer, we decided to look at some of the Artificial Intelligence trends you should pay attention.

AI will become more ubiquitous

With the ever-growing number of low-code or no-code platforms available to the general public it will be easier for both companies and individuals to start testing and working with Artificial Intelligence. Especially for basic tasks.

This will lead to a higher adoption rate and a better understanding of how this technology can help, because you are noy bound by the skills gap that existed until now. You no longer need to break the bank or search far and wide for AI experts to hire.

This is good news for everyone, because as usage increases, so to will the number of use cases and the degree of familiarity. Which means that it will be a bit easier to propose and implement AI initiatives within your company.

Working alongside AI

Next year we will be seeing an increase in the amount of AI solutions that help us do our job faster and better. There are plenty of examples to choose from. But one of the best is the concept of a digital twin.

A digital twin is basically a virtual representation of a real-life object or product. By using it, you can test different hypothesis in a virtual environment without having to spend time, energy and money building it for real. This system is already being used in Formula 1 for example or in the transportation industry. Up until now it has been very expensive but there are a lot of companies working to reduce the barriers and make it more accessible.

Just make sure to work on having a corporate culture than encourages openness towards AI.

Responsible AI

When we talk about responsible AI we mean from both an ethical perspective as well as from a sustainability perspective.

From an ethical point of view there will be more pressure to eliminate “black box” AI and make everything more transparent. Because in the end AI is about data and if we want Artificial Intelligence solutions to really have an impact in areas that matter we need to give it access to personal data. And in order for this to happen we have to be able to understand how the AI program arrived at a certain solution and also be able to monitor any potential bias in the programming.

From a sustainability point of view AI will also need to become more energy efficient. AI algorithms need a lot of infrastructure to function. That infrastructure in turn requires large amounts of power and resources. This leads to a weird situation where AI could help companies become more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint but at the same it also can be a huge consumer of energy.

Not to mention that AI solutions are also increasingly being used in tackling some of the bigger global challenges such as forest health, biodiversity, climate predictions and so on.

But in order for AI to truly have an impact, it needs to become greener and we will most likely see a lot of innovation in terms of efficiency and reducing AI’s carbon footprint.

AI for your business

If these three trends have got you excited and interested in seeing how Artificial Intelligence solutions can help your business thrive get in touch with us and let’s talk software. No matter their budget or size, we’ve helped our clients develop cutting edge AI solutions and we can do the same for you.

Based on our years of experience, we’ve also developed a handy checklist to help you select the right processes that could benefit from artificial intelligence.

Whatever your idea is, we can help you turn it into software

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